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Auto Answer FaceTime Call

When FaceTime was introduced by Apple the first time, I was thinking, it can be a security cam if it supports auto answering. I accidentally got the solution today. Ok, may be it’s not new, but it’s a useful trick for me.

Simply execute following command in Terminal:

defaults write AutoAcceptInvites -bool YES

defaults write AutoAcceptInvitesFrom -array-add [email protected]

[email protected] can be replaced by a FaceTime account including email or phone number (in form of +1234567890)

For iOS, there’s solution too but it needs jailbreak. Install FaceTime Surveillance  through the BigBoss repo for FREE.

And even more, you can use Swivl together with iTouch to monitor your kids, pets… any moving objects.

For Mac beginners, full tutorial is available here.

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