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Capsule Coder - A 2 player mastermind board game

Capsule Coder is a IQ-testing turn-based 2-player logic online board game. It’s recommended for the players who are confident of their logical mind.

The basic gameplay and rule is same with Mastermind (aka 1A2B), but Capsule Coder has original turn-based VS mode with items. The goal is to find out the CURE before your rival. 2 players make guesses and get clues in turn. Use clues to infer the CURE. The tricky part is you can see rival’s combination but you can’t see rival’s clue unless you use item to help you. Every move you make could be a shortcut for your rival to win the game.
Mastermind fans may be familiar with the way to win a solo game. But VS mode of Capsule Coder has more variants. If traditional solo play mode could not meet your needs of challenging IQ, why not invite your friends to do brain gym together in Capsule Coder? Remember to share your record on Facebook when you win!

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