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If there is a destiny called luck. I think that is what I’m experiencing… Not only the lottery, but also a lot of amazing stories are happening around. Beautiful!

Miracle or coincidence

I had a dream this morning. I dreamed of standing in a delivery room. It was so nice a room that differs from any others(which I saw in TV). The ceiling was painted skyblue together with some white cloud. A white bed was in the center of the room. And a baby girl was in the bed. […]

Helping people in my life.

Got the new on Wednesday that a colleague worked in branch company passed away, left her parents, wife, children behind. He was the income resource of the family. The parents got ill and the children are very very young. His wife now has to take care of the whole family and does not have extra time to work, […]

Thank you for sharing the secret with me

I’m still in it. So I just write down these words first and extend it later. Ok, continue, here it is: The Secret . When I was watching it, I feel deeply from my heart that it is just the answer to my experience. Either good or bad, they all match. It’s amazing and I can […]

Thanksgiving day.

I’m so happy that there is a day called Thanksgiving day.  And I’m even happier that it was just yesterday. I had so strong feeling of appreciation in the last week. And the day gave me the chance to sync my feeling to destiny.  I would like the thank the coincident talking which gave me […]

Don't want to say goodbye.

Once a time, once a day, Get together from different way.   Sometime, someday, Break up with nothing to say.   Walk around, walk away, Wait here until hair’s gray.   Wanna stop, wanna stay. Have no choice but I will pray.        — For the memories, Qi.

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