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Switching to no-www

It’s said that without “www.” in url could be “google friendly” or better for SEO. For me, the reason is “too long”. So I decided to switch to no-www. The url redirect works well. Now I’m concerning if the RSS feed subscription would be ok. This the test post for it.

One day, a visitor came. In green tuxedo, it stood still for over one day. I was very glad with its visiting. More food it had got, happier I would be. You must know it too.

Unwanted ADs, get out of my place!

Have used Google Adsense for a few weeks. It was looking good in the beginning. Like what I said, sometimes you can find useful information in the ads. But recently, after adding Chinese version in the posts, more and more unwanted ads come out, including the no sense hospitals and so on, which are not […]

Mac OS X Mail application starts unexpectedly

Updates:¬†Reason has been found here. The Mail app started itself unexpectedly just now (2009-02-08 at 1:15 am). I remember this is the second time in 24 hours. Generally, if any mail application starts, it means a email link has been clicked to trigger it, or something strange behind the scene is using it.¬† I did […]

Dolalei World

Introducing an adorable lovely funny little beauty — Dolalei, from my friend Lulu. Lulu is really a responsible and hardworking mother. She took so many photos and videos to record Dolalei’s growing. Clap for her:) Read more stories(Chinese) of Dolalei and watch all the video from infant to present. Know more about her mother.

If you go upside down, and two steps forward, you’ll be evil. This is a word puzzle. The answer contains two words. Can you guess? Tips: Find one of them 5 days earlier.

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