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These days (2)

Actually, I should change the title: Those days… Have not updated the blog for days. only memories there~ Why ____ again? Cucina (Guangzhou)I had been the Italianate restaurant for several times. What gave me great impression is this: Lovely, wonderful bread with olive oil and vinegar. I mention the bread in my blog for times. Each time I go to […]

These days (1)

Quite busy. Just eat.   It’s recommended food in the menu. I have to admit that it’s really delicious. But I think there might be several different chefs cooking it. Sometimes the taste is just right and sometimes it’s over heated. It’s still worth trying.  The glass of drink on the left is one kind of Guangdong style tea, […]

"We're back!", says the food

I miss you all~~ my delicious, my precious!   STRONGLY RECOMMAND! Shaanxi Style Food, ROJIAMO on the left and JISIHUNDUN on the right.       and I’m going to have the following crab in the coming one or two weeks. Huge pincers!     More photos…

Talk about sth good

At the moment, what I can talk about is the food. I was in HK this Monday. And again, I had the wonderful fish-ball. Thanks to Eddie’s recommendation, I was looking forward to it for a whole year since last September, 11th. And dinner, invited by Ms C, was GREAT too, which worth me to wait even […]

There could be a second time or even more

I mean the eel and fish! The restaurant recommended by Johnny called "新泰乐" is famous for its well cooked eel. The eel covered by ice can’t be seen from the photo. It was like sushimi. But Zen said it was cooked. I did not confirm with the waitress. What I knew was I would come again.

The bread again! I love it!

The frequency of seeking the delicious food has been lowered. I don’t have too much time to do this these days. Once I have the chance, I eat a lot. Just like today. Again, the bread, with the olive oil and vinegar, seized my tongue.     Compare the two(Left: last time; Right: this time) […]

The best beefsteak I've ever had

I don’t eat meat much since 5 or 6 years old. I ate a lot of meat before that. But I feel the taste of meat is strange since then and I don’t know the reason. So I don’t have the qualification to score a piece of beefsteak. But even a guy who don’t eat […]

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