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Ironic Email

Ironic email, a joke by geeks in QQ?

Most people know the Great Wall. And some may know there is another one, especially, Geeks. The picture is the screenshot of login page of QQ mail. So I’m thinking, are the geeks in QQ making a joke of it? “Sep 14th, 1987, 21:07, the first email of China, sent from Beijing to German, said, […]

Small changes in iTunes 9.1

Apple updated iTunes to 9.1 last night, said that added support for iPad. After upgrading, I did not find book store in iTunes Store. It should be released on the same day of releasing iPad on Apr. 3rd. There’s still interface change. Audio Book changed to Book.

Little girl transformer

via Thanks Taylor reminds: The little girl is actually a power ranger, not a transformer.

500-color pencil

500-color pencil

I dreamed of having a box of color pencil when I was a child. The more color, the better. 12-color pack was the most popular set. And later, 18, 24 color pack came out. But check this out, the whole pack of 500 color. Available here.

Yeeyan reborn

Yeeyan reborn

Not too long ago, yeeyan was closed. The reason was well known by the yeeyaners. What we say? It could be “Much better than feudalism, you might have died for 10 times.” Like Phoenix TV, a lot of people know that it’s actually a RED media. It just looks like “neutral”. Even so, when rebroadcasting […]

Reality and Illustration

In less than one second, I fell from the bike onto the ground, hard. It felt hot on my chin, must be broken. Palms, elbows, right knee was hit on the ground too, which felt hotter. Suddenly, the world’s color started to change, beyond the reality, it was like illustration. It was from periphery to […]

God, I still have to take care 48% IE6

The browser war has so many players in it: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… and some other mobile browsers. After turning to Mac, I have a delusion that most people are using Firefox, or Safari, or Chrome. When I check the website visitor report, the truth kicks me off from the cloud — There are […]

After no updating for 2 months, Charlotte is back with new mood. I like this photo she posted, the peaceful riverside. There are some more here.

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