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Google changed favorite icon again

Previously in May 2008, Google changed the favorite icon. Today I found that the icon has been changed again. New icon is white lower case “g” in colorful background combine by blue, red, green and yellow. I think all popular browsers are supporting tabs in same window. A unique icon could help user identify your […]

Small change in Gmail Contact

Just found that in Gmail address book, QQ was added in the IM option list. QQ is the most widely used IM in China. When ICQ was getting popular at the end of last centry, QQ, previous called QICQ, caught the chance in China. Compare to MSN, ICQ or other IMs, QQ has the local […]


This noon, nation wide shaked…From Sichuan to Beijing. Some reports show that there were pre-cautions in the nature, like this “Tens of thousand of frogs went outside in a village of Sichuan“. But the official’s responds are not so satisfied. Some professionals even said “This is kind of good sign that shows the animals like […]

Voice of customers

It is often said the customers’ opinion is always important to us. But today I suddenly find out that I have not taken care of it for such a long time. The founder of Air Asia, Tony Fernandes said that he takes almost every minute to check the emails from customers, they are free market […]

I love it that it takes you an hour and a half to decide which skirt to buy;I love it that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you looking at me like I’m nuts;I love that when after I spend the day with you I can still smell your perfume on my […]

百花秋末衰, 碧草隔夜白。 寒叶徐徐落, 吾心瑟瑟哀。 — Another — 诗文自有玄妙机,信笔流来畅如溪。

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