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The riding day

Planned to take a ride in very morning last night. But went to bed too late. Got up at 9:30am, I insisted on taking the ride today. After preparing for a while, I went out at 10:30. My bike is just equipped with two new tires. It was the time to see the efforts. (BTW, […]

New tires for my bike

The former tire worked on my bike has served for 2 and half years. The two tires may be too tired and wanna retire. So I got this new couple to replace them. It’s thinner than the former one. Should provide more comfort and less resistance when riding on the road.

DIY the chain cleaner, so great!

Last Sunday I spent whole day to clean my bike. The most troublesome  part is cleaning the chain. I got all my hands stained. The lubricating oil mixed with dirt is hard to clean, and I even had to use insecticide to wash my hands. I got this from a bike forum today. What a wonderful […]

Mickey and Minnie sings for you

I can’t say that it’s a big boy toy… Mickey is most loved by girls. But what is true that your girl will definitely love it if you give her this pretty little one as a gift (You are not a boy? oh, ok, never mind~ you can have a girl too ). This MPlayer is […]

Just ask me what is clix.

iriver made some impressive move in new year 2007. Here is one of the new products — clix, the Big Boy Toy again. As you can see, the outlook is changed a little bit from U10. Less cute, more fasion. The slim body and vivid AMOLED screen is attractive. You must love the curve when […]

Don't you love it? Soul Slim Style~

It may be not appropriate to say that S10 is a big boy toy. There must be more girls like it than boys. You’ll know why when you touch it. Like a piece of chocolate, you wanna bite it when hold it with your fingers. And also, it let you feel that you should protect […]

The 3

Together with U10,PSP, the M2 works well. I hide the electrical wires behind the backrest. Use a 2-to-1 connector to connect both U10 and PSP to M2.(It’s meaningless in fact^_^). Anyway, it looks good and I could lean against the backrest to enjoy now. Especially in deep night, without the noise made by the computer~

New partner for U10!

U10 can playback music with the cradle. But with this Edifier M2, the quality goes up to a higher level. Not only the sound I mean, but also the design, the style. They fit so well. Sometimes I complain about the noise that CPU fan makes when playing music with computer. Now I can use this pair of speaker to […]

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