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Solving PHP has encountered an Access Violation

In short: it’s caused by compatibility of different version of MySQL. I have installed php + MySQL on two similar servers. The first one was running without any problem while the second one gave me “PHP has encountered an Access Violation”. Here is the version of each component: PHP: 5.2.8 MySQL: 5.1.34 Zend Optimizer: 3.3.3 […]

Custom Fields and Category Order in Atahualpa Theme

Atahualpa is a wonderful WordPress theme that can be customized with 200+ options. It can be use to build simple websites with a bunch of settings. I found that custom fields can not be displayed as it described. I’m not sure if it’s a bug. I did some modifications and it works now. Here is […]

A few tips for Mac OS X

Q: When save Automator as a plug-in for Finder, where on the earth is it? A: Find it here “~/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder” Q: How can I get the full path of a file as soon as possible? A: Use AppleScript + Automator in this way. Or install the contextual menu plugin below. Q: I want more handy […]

Mac widget Currency Converter error

We are experiencing the most serious financial crisis since the Great Crash of 1929. So WHOSE fault, when $1 does not worth $1 any more? Okay, I’m sorry for bluffing. First, we might meet currency deflation not inflation, second, it’s all about a bug of Mac OS X build-in widget. After upgrading to OS X […]

Easy way to sync iCal with google calendar

You can add google account in iCal to sync the calendar. Previously you have to do that manually by a few copy and paste steps, really boring. Last night I found google had released a tool named Calaboration on December 9th last year, which is tiny but easy to use. Simply login with your google […]

Reason of Apple Mail starts automatically

Previously I met the problem that the Apple Mail application starts automatically. I tracked the history for a few days and now I find out the reason. Here under is my analyze: There was no sign that the Apple Mail run in a fixed frequency. The chance of virus is slim too. Because virus often […]

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