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Keep fire out.

You can find narrow road like this everywhere in Lijiang. Therefore, people use this kind of slim fire engine to protect the old city. Cute but responsible little ones. —

idle in the town

There’s a little different this time. nothing more to say, but idling. Lazy is the keyword of this trip. Nothing in my brain. No planning, no excitement, no depression

Just in case

You should prepare well before you launching a big project, making a important decision etc. For example, you have to do something before departing, JUST IN CASE, I mean….kind of like this…  


The biz trip. It’s said that the wether is cold there. How cold could it be? I saw fog on my window a few days ago. Much colder than here? Preparing more clothes. This one, that one… Put them all in the large case I take. And then I looked into the empty cabinet and found that… there’s […]

Walking alone - Wuzhen

I know this old town from the novel of great writer Luxun when I was young. "Some day I may be there, sitting in the black-top boat, find the way to the drama stage", I thought. And now, without a plan, I’m suddenly here, like in a dream. Although the reality somewhat differs from the […]

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