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C'mon! Don't be so rude to me.

I’m tortured by the 2nd-hand computer for 3 days! I’ve tried many different ways that I know to let it work. But I was failing all the time. The system halts everytime. Judged by all that I tried, there should be sth wrong with the mainboard. I detached all unneccessary parts such as modem, network adapter, 1394 card… It doen’t work. I don’t know what to do now. Would you please show your mercy,GOD?

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  1. liuease逸 responded:

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  2. 小奇 responded:

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    帮一个朋友买的.sigh…. helping others is not so easy.

  3. Stephen responded:

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    hey,do you have any second-hand harddisk for me?I wanna by one,mine is destroyed.And I have to build up a new one for my company.

  4. 小奇 responded:

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    120GB, is that enough? Damn, it’s ruined by an unknown reason too! MY DATA~~

  5. Stephen responded:

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    god…too large…I wanna buy one for 40GB,smaller will be OK for my company.the cheaper the better.

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