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Feel so happy today

Just bought some second-hand stuff. The former owner is a very nice person.A taiwan girl, easy to talk with. I bought a computer with 17" philips monitor, a heating system for no more than 1100! And what more important is, we had lots of agreement and we talked a lot. Jesus, talking for over 3 hours standing! I must admit that I am really a talker. I’m even afraid of making other people feel so tired. "Is there an iriver MP3 player in this guy’s mouth? The one which could play 50 hours with only one AA battary?" If I am the "other people", I may think of myself in this way. ahaha. "Talking to him? Come on~ I would rather die" I hope no one feels like this when talking to me:)

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  1. Stephen responded:

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    Really?I prefer to play with you,especially in PS2 about NARUTO II.You’re a good player,at least you could get around to the games.I found you are a good talker before your graduation.’cos you could talk with someone very toneless for a long time,just like Amboy,hehe.I also can do that,but just for business,I found sometime I have no interesting in many things expect business.See more,listen more,but talk less.

  2. 小奇 responded:

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    I dont like business talking too. That’s why I talked for a long time with her.

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