Joe's Quest

Finding NiMal

I’m going to move to another apartment. It seems that the animals in this house like(or hate?) me. They are always walking out from their hideout these days. Especially the gecko. I don’t dislike it. For it may eat mosquitos sometime. But what a pity, a tiny one walked in to the power supplier of my computer and I didn’t know that. The electric current caused its sudden death, then its body caused the short circuit. Obviously, there are more than one in my house. I can still see them on the wall after the tragedy. Usually, I can see one on the wall at one time. I did not take a good at it, so I don’t know if they are the same one. Any way, whether they are mourning for their pal, I hope they won’t go to the wrong place again.

Except for the geckos, what I don’t want to meet is the mouse though I’m using it almost everyday. At this time, I HAVE TO touch it with my hand in a plastic bag. I haven’t use the clothes chest for a long time for I have a closet in the house. So I even didn’t know that their is a mouse in it until I open it by a chance(Jesus! What a chance!). It just jumped out. At the meantime, I close the chest by conditioned reflex. It was just there, stuck by the drawer. I wish it had not been in my house. At the moment, I had to kill it.

I don’t like such kind of animals. It’s different from keeping a pet…

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