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Great view of Hong Kong

After reading Charlotte’s masterpiece, I remember I have taken a similar photo. It was taken on Sep 11th, 2004, on the top of Victoria Peak, by my Sony T1, a camera for dommies. It does not have the anti-shock function, so it’s hard to take a clear photo in dark circumstance. That’s why I’m pround of this photo: I tried my best to make it clear.

There’s something special in the photo. Can you find it?

BTW, I love Hong Kong very much, not only because of this really great night view, but also the clean streets, good-mannered people, delicious food… a lot of good memories.

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  1. charlotte responded:

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    Joe, this is a nice photo too if your camera doesn’t have the anti-shock function.
    My camera doesn’t have an anti-shock function too, so I know how hard it is to make this picture clear. You really did a good job!
    To me, I’m quite shameful to say that I didn’t see the nightview of Hong Kong from the peak, I have only seen the day view of it from the peak. And I think food in Hong Kong us super yummy too!!! But here, I think I am capable to open my restaurant too, haha!

  2. You are doing great on cooking. I’m sure it will be popular. If you are tired of being an employee, you should try.

  3. charlotte responded:

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    I don’t know ar, what’s that?

  4. The photo is combined by 2 photos. Can you see the line? haha

  5. charlotte responded:

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    Hey, please read my blog. Some of my friends tried to make a guess too!
    My master is correct.

  6. Really interesting! haha.

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