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It seems to be true that so many things happened these days. Even some rumor is spreading, which says the number of the date/time when those accidents happened are destiny. I say it’s caused by how you see it. We face to so many accidents everyday. we feel sorry and sad about the victims. But if we think about some accidents that may happen too, they just happen. For you pay too much attention to it. If too many people think in this way, it may attract more accident. In fact what we should do is concentrating on recovering from the disaster and give more hope for the better future. Don’t worry about the unexpected trouble, which we could not control. Be optimistic to attract more positive power to rebuild our home.


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  1. Charlotte responded:

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    I heard the 8 coincidence too!
    But you’re right, thinking too much will make it become real.
    So, we have to be optimistic

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