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It's so~~~~ delicious!!

Do you want it huh?:) Can you believe it? I’ve had this for supper (4 days in 7!) for nearly 5 months! I knew the restaurant from my partner in Dec 2004. It’s small and near my office. We can walk there in 5 minutes. I like it so much that I can’t help to introduce it to my colleagues and friends. 5 of 10 colleagues in my office go to the restaurant often. I and my partner are even crazy just like what I said in the beginning. The noodles taste good and they are not expensive. You can have one big bowl of they @ RMB6. Usually, I ask the waitress to add 2 eggs @ RMB1 each, for the eggs are so~~~~ good in the soup. The noodles are smooth and it feels good to chew them. The most important element — the soup. I don’t know what materials flavoring the chef put into it. There are two kinds of soup, spicy and non-spicy. I prefer the former. Generally, we would drink the soup off for it’s OMG so delicious. You’d have a try sometime! It’s in Longkou East street, Guangzhou. BTW, the chowchow on the left and the tea which is not shown in the photo is good too and it’s free:)

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  1. Steven responded:

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    Why do all your posts have to make me hungry?

  2. 小奇 responded:

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    that’s what i want,buddy~

  3. Steven responded:

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    Are you trying to make me fat?! cause im gonna be if this keeps up.

  4. 妮妮 responded:

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    i am hungry~!!!!

  5. liuease逸 responded:

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    Have the opportunity I taste?

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