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Lara Croft Returns!....?

EIDOS revealed the new adventure of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Legend . This is one of my favorite games although I just played Tomb Raider V through. I knew the game from the Tomb Raider I . But I started getting interested on it from Tomb Raider IV. Thanks to the powerful PC system, the looking and moving of Lara became more cooler. The environment in the game was far more beautiful then before. More puzzles, and they were interesting too. Since then, I began running after the game. I must admit that I’m not a superfan. I play less, but I want to know more about the news of Tomb Raider. I dont have too much time to play, I did not finish TR IV .The TR V was not that difficult. Then the TR VI disappointed me for the controlling is "improved", "getting close to the real world". I could not get used to it. And I could not feel the myth aura in it too. Now here comes the TR VII, which is said to return to tombs. The original studio of TR series has gone. The new team called Crystal Dynamics reshaped Lara’s look. I don’t like the new face much infact. But anyway, the new TR is expectant.

Visit official website: Tomb Raider: Legend
Take a look at the screenshots:
1. From this angle, her face is not like before. I kind of disliking it.

2. Look at the monster figure, could it be in the tomb?

3. Back to the nature, that’s the original tomb raider!

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