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Mac widget Currency Converter error

We are experiencing the most serious financial crisis since the Great Crash of 1929. So WHOSE fault, when $1 does not worth $1 any more? Okay, I'm sorry for bluffing. First, we might meet currency deflation not inflation, second, it's all about a bug of Mac OS X build-in widget. After upgrading to OS X 10.5.6, this widget does not work right. To fix this problem, make a copy of /Library/Widgets/Unit Converter.wdgt on your Desktop, Control-click on it and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, then open the UnitConverter.js file in a text editor. Search for "USD" (with the quotes). There should be only one matching line: if (a.iso == "USD") return -1; Delete this line. Then, delete the else at the start of the next line, i.e. change the line from this... else if ( < return -1; this... if ( < return -1; Save the changes and close the document. I suggest keeping the original widget in /Library/Widgets, and installing the corrected version in ~/Library/Widgets, so that the system's version remains untouched. The solution was found here:

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  1. Wonder why they didn’t correct the weird bug.

  2. I’ve found a wonderful place to learn!

  3. There’s a lot of controversy out there about this subject, but I tend to agree with the poster.

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