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  • The Everest
  • Evening View Of The Everest
  • Camps At The Base Camp Of The Everest
  • Mountain near the Everest Mountain Near The Everest
  • A White Stone
  • Stacked Stones Stacked Stones
  • Creek Blocked The Way

Meet the Everest

It’s always pleasant to be there to feel the fresh air, shiny stars. That’s what the Everest could give you.

On Aug 22nd, I was so close to it, the famous Everest. I had never been so near to it. It was one of my dreams when I was a child: Meet the tallest mountain of the world, the Everest. When it became true, it gave me much more than excitement.
The Everest

I took the photo on the top of a small hill 5 km far from the camp. No body could get any closer if he does not have a licence of climbing the mountain. Had been with a good luck, there were no too much cloud that day and I got a clear shot.

the Everest evening view

Talking about the cloud, I and my friends were suffered from it the day before. We went out of the camp at about 7:30pm. Cause we got there too late on that day and we still wanted to see great view in the first place. It was raining. Till now I don’t know why we three agreed and insisted on heanding to the mountain. We started tracking any way. God did not show any mercy, the rain even got heavier. We just believed we could see it, the top of the Everest. So we walked on and on. After passing a military sentry (later we knew it’s the No.1 base camp), we were blocked by a brook. It was 9:30pm already and seemed that we can not go any further. God opened his eyes finally, shown us the top of the Everest. Though it was not as beautiful as the one above, it was the reward for our unremitting.

Camps at the Base Camp of the Everest

The camp we lived in. From here to the creek that can not be got across on feet, it’s about 5km.

Creek that 5km away from the Base Camp

This is the creek that blocked the way. I climbed up to the hill along the creek from the root far away to find a way to get across it. But the water stream was so rapid that it was impossible to do that with normal equipment. So I took this photo at the very top I can reach.

A White Stone

Mountain near the Everest

Sky, sun, cloud, snow, mountain, light, shadow… all in vivid color.

Stacked Stones

I stacked the stones on the top of a large rock in the center of the creek. Hope I can still see it when I go to the Everest next time.

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  1. charlotte responded:

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    “God opened his eyes finally”……haha
    I think it’s quite dangerous to walk in heavy rain, especially in that place.
    But glad that you finally can see a glimpse of it, it’s mysterious.

  2. 🙂 You know the most beautiful part is the sky full of shiny stars. I’ve never seen that many in my life!

  3. charlotte responded:

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    Oh, that’s so romantic. Did you take any pic? But I guess it’s quite difficult to take a photo that can reflect “the fact” of that night.

  4. You are right… I tried hard, but I couldn’t capture them. They belong to people who visit the Everest by themselves. So, you’d better go there some time:)

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