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Nice view clip from Charlotte

The wonderful video clip comes from my good friend Charlotte, who is a girl, good at cooking (more here and here). But not only that, after watching this video clip, I have to award her a golden star. I never know movie maker can make this good. Yes it was me who tell her to use the movie maker built in windows. But just it, I did not give more tips. Look at what she got after 3 times trying. That reminds me the story of Leonardo da Vinci drawing eggs. The photos in the clip are taken by her too. In a word, she makes everything she want to do perfect, no matter it’s cooking, photo taking, language learning, and even using the software, which I though girls are not good at and interested in. I’d like to say, Charlotte, you are really talented and hard worked. Good job!

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  1. charlotte responded:

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    hey joe, thanks for your compliments.
    you know, i’m not as good as you said.
    i’m just curious……you know? haha……
    for cooking, i just can’t think back how bad i was at the beginning.
    as you know practice makes perfect, and i’m just eager to know how to cook better because i don’t want to waste the ingredients……
    for windows movie maker, thanks for telling me that program, i got much fun from it.
    after that, i played adobe premiere for 2 nights without sleeping, how crazy i was!!!

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