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It begins with cassette

1988. I saw my father had a Sanyo portable cassette player, looks like the ones above but a little different. I wanted it but I was too young to have it. I could not control my curiosity and played with it when father was not noticing. I even pushed the 3 button down together, which […]

“You must have a lot to say when leaving iriver and the MP3 industry, right?”, asked by Bright Li, the editor in chief of PC World China. Yes, since 2002, I got my first portable music player, it’s been a long story. I would start from beginning, write them down to memorize the first career, […]

Today in history

I was very young at that time, no more than 10. Judged people with the word “good” and “bad”. Saw a lot of scenes on TV… Now I know that a lot of things are not that simple. The history shall be never forgotten.

This is the last month of my first 5 years career. After working with my dear colleagues for so long, it was not a easy decision to leave them. But everyone should move on. A new beginning is about to come. Get ready for it.

iriver Lplayer and Muse

iriver released new product again. This time, with the theme of Live, the product is named Lplayer via(Korean). The MV is from Muse, Knights Of Cydonia: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007. I found the full version here, the official Muse Youtube channel. Sounds great and a lot of comments shown that the audiences love it. […]


Take a look at what you’ve got before closing them. Think of what you want to get before opening them. The way to lead a happier life. – Wrote on my old blog, just move it here.

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