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Take a look at what you’ve got before closing them. Think of what you want to get before opening them. The way to lead a happier life. – Wrote on my old blog, just move it here.

24K gilded Mplayer Limited Edition

Gold Mplayer limited edition for charity

Finally, it can be started. I proposed the plan the day right after the earthquake and got internal approval right away. But due to the authorization contract, further approval from Disney is needed… After a few days, thanks to Mr. Cheung, he granted approval directly which is in fact needed comment for the legal department. And thanks […]

Karen’s blog name: Response + Ability = Responsibility. Now I can fully feel that. Make the donation happen, it’s my response to the disaster, and it could be within my ability.


It seems to be true that so many things happened these days. Even some rumor is spreading, which says the number of the date/time when those accidents happened are destiny. I say it’s caused by how you see it. We face to so many accidents everyday. we feel sorry and sad about the victims. But […]


This noon, nation wide shaked…From Sichuan to Beijing. Some reports show that there were pre-cautions in the nature, like this “Tens of thousand of frogs went outside in a village of Sichuan“. But the official’s responds are not so satisfied. Some professionals even said “This is kind of good sign that shows the animals like […]

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