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Reading is fun, practicing means more. The best part is that I couldn’t help and I am practicing. And so far what I’ve met just verified what I’ve read.

Photoshop Express Service

Adobe photoshop express: use photoshop online and more

  Service called Photoshop Express presented by Adobe started. More and more services were put online. From the frontpage of it, I saw many photos which might be generated by users. UCC is everywhere… Register this service, you can get 2G free online storage and a subdomain with your ID. The coolest thing is the UI, […]

A poem said that, 清明时节雨纷纷. Yep. It’s midnight and it’s raining out there. The 3rd rainy weekend… It should be a good time to visit HZ. Go along Sudi, enjoy the clean air of spring.

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