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The more you know, the more you don’t know: Talking about the knowledge, the feeling is getting stronger. One thing that should be reminded again is: Never too late to learn, but just do it anytime, anywhere!

Remember 2007

The last day, the last 10 minutes, time to say “farewell, 2007”. During this year, I learnt, I changed,  got something and lost something.  Thanks to people who helped me a lot, I became better:  – My parents, they live far away from me, but they are very supportive.   – P, one of the best friends, the best partner. […]

If there is a destiny called luck. I think that is what I’m experiencing… Not only the lottery, but also a lot of amazing stories are happening around. Beautiful!

The Counting 9 in China

In China, it was called “Winter’s Coming Day” yesterday, which means it becomes really cold from the day.  And it’s the first day of a consuetude called “Counting 9” in China. “Counting 9” is a period including 81 days. Every 9 days is a group. There are 9 groups total, named by “1st 9”, “2nd 9”, till “9th […]

I'm not a pro, but I made it by myself

It was all about the accident on The riding day. In short, my coat got a hole on the chest. I desided to fix it myself. I was finding the patch online (sounds like patch for the software, haha, but no.). Thanks to Sandy that she bought one for me. But for two weeks, I had no […]

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