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Much appreciated

I was so worried about the event that day. I’m not sure if we can make it. We even did not have a detailed procedule 12hrs before the event. That made me feel depressed. It was not about who should have made it. It was about how to make it in time. Thanks to the friends […]

Mickey and Minnie sings for you

I can’t say that it’s a big boy toy… Mickey is most loved by girls. But what is true that your girl will definitely love it if you give her this pretty little one as a gift (You are not a boy? oh, ok, never mind~ you can have a girl too ). This MPlayer is […]

You never let me down

Remember Lara right? This is the third time she shows up here. Yes, she came with "Anniversary" this time. I do remember the first time I play the game Tomb Raider in 1997. To be honest, I was not so interested in the game at that time. I was fainting when travelling in the 3D […]

Pocket TV on the way

I still remember when I was a child, I dream of having a small tv that I would not miss the favorite cartoon. Years passed, I watch tv little now. But the dream comes ture. With colorful and vivid screen, convenient D-Click system, here comes B20, the N-Gen portable TV.  

Just ask me what is clix.

iriver made some impressive move in new year 2007. Here is one of the new products — clix, the Big Boy Toy again. As you can see, the outlook is changed a little bit from U10. Less cute, more fasion. The slim body and vivid AMOLED screen is attractive. You must love the curve when […]

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