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Magic of dancing

 I don’t know dancing, but I can feel the magic after watching the live show. You’ll get amazed after watching the steps they’ve walked. Maybe, like most other people, your legs want to follow the dancers’ step, you can not control it. Click the image for the video. (wmv format)    

It matters to me

I feel bad when I see it’s happening. Someone ask me why, for in fact, I can just say "it’s not my business". But I can’t. Maybe that’s the difference between imagination and the reality. What can I do and what shall I do? I’m trying the best and I’m trying hard. Difficulty is not […]

Don't give up easily

There are difficulties on the way always. Like solving the coding problem, I’ve to face these too. I’m not quite familiar with them but I have to find the way and I think I can. It’s not just finishing the job, but also done it well. Reading would help me to learn more. Enjoy playing […]

Don't want to say goodbye.

Once a time, once a day, Get together from different way.   Sometime, someday, Break up with nothing to say.   Walk around, walk away, Wait here until hair’s gray.   Wanna stop, wanna stay. Have no choice but I will pray.        — For the memories, Qi.

These days (2)

Actually, I should change the title: Those days… Have not updated the blog for days. only memories there~ Why ____ again? Cucina (Guangzhou)I had been the Italianate restaurant for several times. What gave me great impression is this: Lovely, wonderful bread with olive oil and vinegar. I mention the bread in my blog for times. Each time I go to […]

Tomb Raider - Legend

Lara Croft herself is a legend. No matter whether she was real person in history or not. She has created the histroy. So many PC/TV gamers get crazy for her. I wrote one piece of blog on May 18th, last year. I was waiting for the game. And now it comes out. I just finished it last night. […]

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