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renewed church

  To my surprise, the old church in my hometown was renewed within last year. I’ve glanced the building once when I was young. The memory is blurred. Only an unclear figure with brown bricks. The color is like the photo below which I took in Shanghai last Nov.    

27 hours, from office to home

3:00 pm on 27th, I left office. 8:00pm on 28th, I’m home. Long but smooth trip, thank goodness. Did not waste time in Beijing railway station, I cought up the train heads to home after getting off the train from GZ to BJ.

The 3

Together with U10,PSP, the M2 works well. I hide the electrical wires behind the backrest. Use a 2-to-1 connector to connect both U10 and PSP to M2.(It’s meaningless in fact^_^). Anyway, it looks good and I could lean against the backrest to enjoy now. Especially in deep night, without the noise made by the computer~

New partner for U10!

U10 can playback music with the cradle. But with this Edifier M2, the quality goes up to a higher level. Not only the sound I mean, but also the design, the style. They fit so well. Sometimes I complain about the noise that CPU fan makes when playing music with computer. Now I can use this pair of speaker to […]

Being encaged?

I went to the zoo last Sat. Looking at the helpless animals, I wondered if they felt sad. My friend took this photo. What can you see from the eye? The life without worrying about food and being killed, the only thing you don’t have is freedom. How do you think about that?  

Say goodbye to my dear friend and a decision

My good friend is going to America. For two years or even more. That means we can not talk face to face, go for lunch, dinner … etc.  for a long time. Anyway, everyone has to move on. Just like my partner. It’s good. Changes make life colorful.   I made a decision, in a short time […]

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