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C'mon! Don't be so rude to me.

I’m tortured by the 2nd-hand computer for 3 days! I’ve tried many different ways that I know to let it work. But I was failing all the time. The system halts everytime. Judged by all that I tried, there should be sth wrong with the mainboard. I detached all unneccessary parts such as modem, network […]

Feel so happy today

Just bought some second-hand stuff. The former owner is a very nice person.A taiwan girl, easy to talk with. I bought a computer with 17" philips monitor, a heating system for no more than 1100! And what more important is, we had lots of agreement and we talked a lot. Jesus, talking for over 3 hours standing! I […]

To know myself more?

After finishing a quiz on a website. I got these answers, right or wrong? I think it’s reasonable —————————————–You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both […]

Don't go too far in some way.

I must be too sensitive a person. Something may mean nothing but I may think too much. It might be nothing a big deal, why I noted it immediately? It’s just a sequence thing. Does it matter? I don’t know. I should not be like that. ———————-I applied another blog for myself to remember something […]

Another whole day sitting

It’s weekend again. Thanks god, I made some progress on coding work these days. But not fast enough. I did not go out for riding, for fancy food… The only unusual thing is I’m having meals in the eatery of JNU again. You can full fill your stomach with no more than RMB5. I bought bread […]

Isn't it good, when it just works?

 I didn’t know that it’s smaller than I thought. Also, the user interface is friendly. The surface is made of some kind of plastic that feels so good. The information on the screen fades in and out when operating. I love this bright color, the HOLD key and the lock too. Hang it anywhere you want. What […]

Finding NiMal

I’m going to move to another apartment. It seems that the animals in this house like(or hate?) me. They are always walking out from their hideout these days. Especially the gecko. I don’t dislike it. For it may eat mosquitos sometime. But what a pity, a tiny one walked in to the power supplier of my computer […]

Never risk who or what you love

I made a wrong decision. I should not have run downward the slope. There was no covers on the canal. My dear bicycle was shocked so much that the handlebars were a bit loose. I feel very sorry to it. I promise I won’t risk it again. And also to anyother I loved.

Lara Croft Returns!....?

EIDOS revealed the new adventure of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Legend . This is one of my favorite games although I just played Tomb Raider V through. I knew the game from the Tomb Raider I . But I started getting interested on it from Tomb Raider IV. Thanks to the powerful PC system, the looking and moving of Lara became more cooler. […]

Riding for 22KM

I just can’t concentrate these days. I went out for a ride yesterday  afternoon, @ about 6:00pm. I went out of the south gate of campus, no destination. Maybe I should find something new to eat. Then I went to the west. The bicycle shortened the distance. What a pity the air was bad. Too […]

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