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Switching to no-www

It’s said that without “www.” in url could be “google friendly” or better for SEO. For me, the reason is “too long”. So I decided to switch to no-www. The url redirect works well. Now I’m concerning if the RSS feed subscription would be ok. This the test post for it.

Mac OS X hotkey table for print

It’s so convenient to use Mac when making full use of hotkeys. I found the most used hotkeys list and made a table, which can be printed on 2 pages of A3 paper. It can be the quick reference for Mac newbies. Click images below to zoom and save.

iriver Cover Story

iriver Cover Story is revealed

iriver recently revealed the new ebook product, Cover Story. It’s a wonderful and exact name. ‘Coz this time the Story comes with a cover to protect the screen. I got a real one in hand. It feels, especially the paging key on the left. As it shows on the photo, the long bar on the […]

Ironic Email

Ironic email, a joke by geeks in QQ?

Most people know the Great Wall. And some may know there is another one, especially, Geeks. The picture is the screenshot of login page of QQ mail. So I’m thinking, are the geeks in QQ making a joke of it? “Sep 14th, 1987, 21:07, the first email of China, sent from Beijing to German, said, […]

WordPress auto upgrade in Mac local environment

When I test WordPress in local Mac OS X, the auto upgrade function is not available. It shows up like below: Here describes reasons and solution. But it doesn't work in my situation: Using XAMPP to set up the testing environment. Another solution were provided in comment 44 by Johan L. It works alright! Do […]

iPhone OS 4

Functions that I'm interested in iPhone OS 4

Time 1:00am GMT+8. Apple reveal the iPhone OS 4 with many new features. So attractive cool ones are: Bluetooth keyboard. When being at home, typing with REAL keyboard is enjoyable. and my iPhone stand has the reason to take a place on the desk then. Multitasking! It makes a lot of features come true. And […]

Small changes in iTunes 9.1

Apple updated iTunes to 9.1 last night, said that added support for iPad. After upgrading, I did not find book store in iTunes Store. It should be released on the same day of releasing iPad on Apr. 3rd. There’s still interface change. Audio Book changed to Book.

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