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iriver Mplayer:Eyes On Me

It’s been released for a few months. I just got a real one on hand. Generally it’s same with previous version. But when operating, the eyes appear. It reminds me the theme song of the famous game Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes On Me. This time maybe we can say Eyes On Mplayer. Really cute.

iriver E10

I just know how the icons in Mac OS work. 1st, The resolution is higher than Windows, as high as 512×512; 2nd, there are several different size of images in the icon file (format: .icns). That’s why the icons look so nice, even when zooming. I just tried to make one by myself. I drew […]

Enable/Disable Trackpad on New MacBook

Update Aug 20th, 2011. In Lion, you can still find it in Universal Access -> Mouse & Trackpad. Just one more click on Trackpad Options… as below. Update Oct 7th, 2009. The option appears in Universal Access -> Mouse & Trackpad. I remember that I have checked here before 10.6, this must be new in […]

Auto-stretch asymmetric background

When designing the website, sometimes I need the background to be asymmetric. Here is a example: I want to keep the main content in the center of the page while extending the green bar marked by the blue box to the right. The problem is, the background attribute of body tag is already used, both […]

ThinkPad T61

After being together for just 3 months, I have to say goodbye to you, my ThinkPal, ThinkPad.

Begin with a call

The day Aug 4th, I was on the way to the office. My mobile phone rang. It was Lulu, called from Shenzhen. “Do you have time these days?….” “Yes, not too busy. I just quit the job, you know, nothing much to do.” “How about going to Tibet?” “When?” “The day after tomorrow, I’ve booked […]

Sky And Plane

For your desktop: 1280×800 | 1280×960 | 1280×1024 | 1600×1200 The photo was taken in Kathmandu. The plane was just in the center of my camera and I caught it in time.


Yes, it’s comfortable, easy to use. When touching the keyboard, it feels so good! Comes with OS X Leopard and fully support of Windows, MacBook is definitely the very notebook for me. No wonder why P is strongly recommending it. VMware Fusion makes it so easy to access Windows in OS X, Boot Camp can […]

Good morning Kathmandu

It’s cloudy these days, sometimes it rains. The weather is so cool, very comfortable. It’s 5:40am here. Sitting on the roof of the hotel, I can hear various of sounds of Kathmandu morning. In the very beginning, it was the singing of birds. Chinese says, the birds who get up early get worms to eat. […]

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