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Play with dry ice


I thought the dry ice would be fun when I was in senior school after learning a lesson about it in physics class. Think about it, the ice turns into gas directly, likes some kinds of magic. I have never touch it before. And now I can get it by buying a can of icecream. Or can I say, dream comes true?:) There’s nothing special when leaving the dry ice in the open air of 25-30 degrees. You can’t see the violent phenomenon unless you put it into the water. Hotter water is better. So many air bubbles burst out. Isn’t it cool?

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  1. || T@ToON || responded:

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    Where Picture ??? I wabt to see it….Now!!!! am heartbroken . I feel very sad.

  2. Steven responded:

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    Click the picture and it loads it.but what do you mean you can get dry ice by buying ice cream? that’s kinda weird.

  3. 小奇 responded:

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    Thx for reminding me… I changed to another place to save the pictures and it’s ok now.—RE_StevieWonderWorld: The icecream shop provides dry ice to keep the icecream away from melting:)

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