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Powerful UCenter, UChome

Facebook made a great success, which shows the attraction of SNS. More and more people would like to run a SNS like that. But Comsenz thinks more. They provided a platform for that. UCenter is such kind of product. Everyone could setup a personalized SNS with it. This world is large society, it’s contains uncountable small society, that’s where the market of this product growing.

It recalls me the memory of the community we build with a opensource program named JiangHu in university. There’s hospital, bank, even jail in it. At one time, it was so popular. Later on, the graphic online game replaced it. With the success of douban, facebook, a new generation of the online community/society has come. It’s suitable for corp which would like to get the customers around, attract more and more people with such kind of tool. I’m just start trying it. Really fun. In another hand, running a SNS is not just a tech issue.

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