Joe's Quest

Remember 2007

The last day, the last 10 minutes, time to say "farewell, 2007". During this year, I learnt, I changed,  got something and lost something.  Thanks to people who helped me a lot, I became better:  - My parents, they live far away from me, but they are very supportive.   - P, one of the best friends, the best partner. I learnt a lot from him. And we are always working well as a team.  - S, new friend, whose appearence changed me a lot.  - Friends in life, shared the happiness with me, made me feel happy too.  - Colleagues, worked together to make the ideas come true.  - Biz partners, helped me to create value for the corp.  - Kind hearted people around, fill the world with love, make it so comfortable to live.  - And many more... Life is so beautiful that I could not help hugging it. Hope, happiness, faith... it's 2008 now!

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