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Restaurant and review site, interact on mobile

3G is just lunched in China for not so long. No doubt it’s a huge market for the fast network is finally moving on hand. Let the information fill the gaps of life. Finding a restaurant on mobile network is not new. Maybe restaurant and review site can do more inter-activities.

Before, it happens like this: The food hunters like hanging around with their camera. When they find out something delicious, take a photo, enjoy the meal, when they get home, they use computer to post a review on websites, mostly on review sites.

See what we have now: Faster internet connection on hand and high resolution camera build-in mobile phone. That means everybody and do the live review work. Think about the “Customer Comment Book” in some restaurants. Has it been made fully use of? Usually, the boss of the restaurant may see it. Then what? How about encourage customers to comment directly on the web and let more customers see?

This requires the review sites provide a mobile portal which is easy to use, an application for iphone, blackberry and other mobile phones could provide seamless searching and commenting services. The restaurants provide coupon or discount to encourage customers to post a comment directly when they are waiting for the bill.

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