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Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a very powerful plugin for WordPress that can manage the photo easily. It has many features and provides multiple language support. I’ve just made the Simplified Chinese language pack for the current version.

 NextGen has changed structure since 2.0, therefore the language pack below can be used for only 1.9.x. NextGen相册插件从2.0版开始修改了结构, 下面的汉化包仅支持1.9.x版本 
Download Chinese Pack / 下载汉化包  Download NextGen 1.9.10 / 下载原版NextGen 1.9.10 

Download Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery

1.21 1.33 1.43 1.52 1.55 1.60 1.72 1.73 1.81 1.83 1.91 1.95 1.96 1.9.10
Archive: v1.9.6

(Following bug has been fixed after 1.21)

There is a bug in this version when using other languages which will result in a notice’s translation can not be shown. It a very small issue but if you are completist you can fix it in this way: Open this file [NextGEN plugin folder]/lib/core.php and find out line 419.  Replace it with following code:

 $result = sprintf(  __( 'Note : Based on your server memory limit you should not upload larger images then <strong>%d x %d</strong> pixel', 'nggallery' ), $size['width'], $size['height']); 

This notice appears in [Add Gallery / Images] -> [Upload a Zip-file] and similar pages. Well, in fact, there are two more bugs if you really want to fix… Open this file [NextGEN plugin folder]/admin/tinymce/window.php and find out line 29-30.  Replace them with following code: Checkout what I did (very simple) with this wonderful plugin and know more about how to use it.

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  1. bandit responded:

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    Thank you very much!

  2. 水水水 responded:

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  3. charlotte responded:

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    Hi Joe! You’re super!

  4. [image][/image]

  5. charlotte responded:

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    請問小奇先生, 你留給我的msg究竟是哪國方言?

    • Tkjune responded:

      I saw some msg I don’t know, then I left some I don’t know either~:)

  6. charlotte responded:

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    haha…ok, i know you quite well!

  7. 谢了

  8. @beiku You are welcome:)

  9. Piet responded:

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    Hi TK I just uploaded your Chinese version of NextGen to the lang subdir of NextGen version 1.2.1, but when viewing a gallery the text “Image 1 of 26” does not change into Chinese…
    What you changed on the backend I cannot see, because I am using the plugin Admin In English… Can you please let me know whether the front end texts are changed too, or do I have to do that myself?

  10. @Piet, if you are using English interface in admin (set in wp-config.php), the gallery will work in English. Here’s a trick: try to switch the name of language file in NextGen language folder. In this case, you’ll see Chinese in NextGen only (both front end and back end). Otherwise, you may need to modify the language file itself with tools like poedit.

  11. bigpig responded:

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    Thank you …….

  12. Louis Vuitton Handbags and Wallets responded:

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    Keep working, great job, I love it!

  13. yi responded:

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    many thanks

  14. 没得说,Good 一个!

  15. how to install it? cp ?it don’t work!

    • Tkjune responded:


      put the .mo/.po file in LANG folder in nextgen plugin folder.
      open /wp-config.php , add line: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘zh_CN’);

      Then whole admin panel’s language changes to Chinese, including nextgen plugin

  16. 棒非常棒!

  17. 不会弄啊 ·

  18. er responded:

    · Reply

    xie xie !

  19. 该出新语言包了

    • Tkjune responded:

      @忆往事 Yep. these days kind of busy. Will update later~

  20. fx responded:

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    Chinese transformation was perfect, thanks to make such a good plug-in!

  21. 非常棒!谢谢~~It’s really coooool!! Thx!~~:p

    • Tkjune responded:

      @apollools Just updated to the latest version 1.43. You may try it.

  22. 谢谢啊!

  23. ajian responded:

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    我想说当前1.43 版本的 NextGEN Gallery 的这个文件[NextGEN plugin folder]/lib/core.php 当前只有410行了。所以你说的那个第一个BUG我就不知道到哪里去修改了,是否新版本已经自动修正上述错误了不得而知。


    • Tkjune responded:

      @ajian 我说的Bug在1.21之后作者已经修正了, 所以不用改了. 语言包需要解压, 把nggallery-zh_CN.mo放到插件目录下的lang目录下. 语言包是和整个WP的语言设置相同的, 即在根目录下的wp-config.php里应该有这一行define (‘WPLANG’, ‘zh_CN’);

  24. thanks,use it now

  25. 太感謝了,哈哈

  26. @long, @Phoenix Glad to be of help. Updated to 1.52

  27. thanks for your share.Updated

  28. 你好,请问我这个错误是怎么回事?

    Fatal error: Call to a member function find_all_galleries() on a non-object in D:\www\web\51obj.cn_09RldoYa9QMDtEU1ikdg\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\nextgen-gallery\admin\manage-galleries.php on line 15

  29. how to download the plug,i can not find

  30. power responded:

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  31. 非常感谢,已经下载了,马上测试

  32. ещё хочу)

  33. 3Q ! O(∩_∩)O 谢谢 !

  34. 感谢

  35. Thanks 多谢~~

  36. yejia responded:

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  37. YE!good,verygood!

  38. aaaa responded:

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  39. 中文,安逸!

  40. 中文,看着就舒服

  41. Team Roster responded:

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    You you should edit the page title Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery | Laughing Means A Lot To Me to more suited for your content you make. I liked the post even sononetheless.

  42. very good!谢谢了,

  43. very good!谢谢了

  44. fdfd responded:

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    down in now!

  45. zhangsen responded:

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    very good!谢谢了

  46. asas responded:

    · Reply


    • Tkjune responded:

      @asas 我没有保留以前的包,每次都覆盖掉了…不过直接用这个包应该没有太大差别可以正常使用的. 你可以先试一下

  47. [Show as slideshow] 这个如何翻译中文啊,我找不到文件里面有。如果你你翻译的文件里面的,你能更新上去吗?
    比如这个也页面: 就这里没有翻译,很奇怪的。


    • Tkjune responded:

      @第七扇窗 我在翻译文件中找到了这一项,并且是已经译过的. 你用的主题中是否有给NextGEN自定义模板? 有可能是这个问题. 也有可能是原插件的bug. 我正更新1.7.3版, 你升级一下试试看.

  48. 我怎么一上传语言文件,wp后台就down掉了无法打开

    • Tkjune responded:

      @sislady 切换成默认模板试并关闭其他插件试一下, 会不会是冲突.

  49. WordPress 3.0.4 nextgen-gallery1.7.2

  50. 我不会英文,就先发在这里了,最新的版本在打开普通日志时会在页首输出一个空行,导致网页错版,不知道这个问题能不能修复,之前版本没有问题

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