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Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a very powerful plugin for WordPress that can manage the photo easily. It has many features and provides multiple language support. I’ve just made the Simplified Chinese language pack for the current version.

 NextGen has changed structure since 2.0, therefore the language pack below can be used for only 1.9.x. NextGen相册插件从2.0版开始修改了结构, 下面的汉化包仅支持1.9.x版本 
Download Chinese Pack / 下载汉化包  Download NextGen 1.9.10 / 下载原版NextGen 1.9.10 

Download Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery

1.21 1.33 1.43 1.52 1.55 1.60 1.72 1.73 1.81 1.83 1.91 1.95 1.96 1.9.10
Archive: v1.9.6

(Following bug has been fixed after 1.21)

There is a bug in this version when using other languages which will result in a notice’s translation can not be shown. It a very small issue but if you are completist you can fix it in this way: Open this file [NextGEN plugin folder]/lib/core.php and find out line 419.  Replace it with following code:

 $result = sprintf(  __( 'Note : Based on your server memory limit you should not upload larger images then <strong>%d x %d</strong> pixel', 'nggallery' ), $size['width'], $size['height']); 

This notice appears in [Add Gallery / Images] -> [Upload a Zip-file] and similar pages. Well, in fact, there are two more bugs if you really want to fix… Open this file [NextGEN plugin folder]/admin/tinymce/window.php and find out line 29-30.  Replace them with following code: Checkout what I did (very simple) with this wonderful plugin and know more about how to use it.

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  1. @冰丨枫 在使用什么功能时会输出空行呢? 只要引用了ngg的标签就会吗?

  2. @Tkjune 已查明了,应该是主题的问题,不是ngg的问题,抱歉打扰了。
    不过另外反映一个问题,ngg后台里的“overview”-Download now your language file !的那个按钮点击后只是刷新,但语言没有改变,不知是什么问题,存在很长时间了

    • Tkjune responded:

      @冰丨枫 我刚试了一下, 它会自动下载并且安装对应于当前wordpress的语言包. 有可能是因为当前已经是最新的语言包

  3. 不错,好东西

  4. Thank you very much!

  5. 20110117a responded:

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  6. 谢谢你的汉化包!~

  7. i`d like to try it!

  8. 怎么没有下载地址呀?

  9. 谢谢,下载了

  10. 好东西!!

  11. 好呀,找到了

  12. wonder responded:

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  13. 这正是我需要的,thanks.

  14. atl4400 responded:

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  15. 请问这个在哪里下载啊。英文的看不懂啊!

    • Tkjune responded:

      @叶天冬SEO博客 下载汉化包 或者可以把博客设置为中文版后,直接在插件设置首页有自动更新的选项,内容是一样的

  16. hkony responded:

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  17. 非常感谢 太需要的东西了!

  18. 在哪里下载呢

  19. it is very important to use a chinese patch

  20. 很感谢!

  21. 挺好用的,1.9.10也可以用的,支持!

  22. 不懂英文真伤心啊,找这么就都没有找到

    • Joe responded:


    • Joe responded:

      加了一个下载按钮… 这次应该容易找了

  23. 赞一个!虽然最后因为不会用放弃了NextGEN Gallery~

    • Joe responded:


  24. 红叶落尽 responded:

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  25. kui responded:

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    • Joe responded:

      Hello, 由于NextGen已经换了主人, 从2.0版开始, 全部架构已经改变, 已经不支持单独更新汉化包.

  26. NextGEN Gallery 升级到2.0.0了

    • Joe responded:

      Hello, 由于NextGen已经换了主人, 从2.0版开始, 全部架构已经改变, 已经不支持单独更新汉化包.

  27. 非常感谢。

  28. am responded:

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    我使用过程中发现前台调用图集是,图集顶部出现[Show as slideshow] 而不是“显示幻灯片”,换了两个版本都如此,请问该如何解决

    • Joe responded:

      @am 这个是在选项里修改的. 到Gallery->Options->Gallery->Integrate slideshow(图集->选项->图集->整合幻灯片) 这一项, 修改后面文本框里的文字即可

  29. jer responded:

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    • Joe responded:

      NEXTGEN被收购了, 2.0之后的代码全换了, 官方也没说怎么再做汉化. 所以汉化最高支持到1.9.6.

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