Joe's Quest

Skating! My feet hurts:(

The shoes are too bad . They are so small, tight, hard that I couldn’t survive. I changed for 3 pairs of them. The first 2 pairs made my ankle hurt. There’s a break in the front of the shoe. When skating, it always made me stop suddenly and I fell to front. The 3rd pair is better. It was larger. But still, there was no buffer inside the shoes. I had to move the vamp into the shoe to keep my ankle away from pain. Another problem was, after skating for 2 hours, my feet were galled. A big hydatid appeared and it was broken soon. That was the cost of playing. A pair of pravite shoes should be much better but I dont have.

I also fell a lot during the 2 hours. I used my arms and hands to support my body when I fell down. At one time, I fell heavily then my left thumb got hurt. I can not hold a thing tightly  with my left hand now. Sigh… It may cost a few days to recover from it.

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