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STAR WARS !!! Revenge Of The Sith

Fly high, into the sky, even the universe. As one of the boys who have such dream in their childhood, I went to watch the movie last Saturday. YES, it’s fantasitic! And it recalls the memories of the universe dream~ Sitting there in the theater, even the seats were shocked by the great roar when a spaceship came. I was always not happy with the scene that Anakin turns to the dark side before I saw the movie. I even did not watch the Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. I thought the young skywalker who was such a lovely boy in the Episode I may turn to the dark side. I even refused to know about the story about the Episode II. In the end, I saw the Episode III in which he turns to the dark side actually. Anyway, when I was watching, I was thinking too: who’s right? who’s wrong? Is there a definition for that? From Anakin’s view, it’s confused. And I could understand him suddenly. The Jeddi council did not tell him enough information, instead, made him doubt of becoming a Jeddi Knight. Is it incident or consequence. Who knows… And just because of this, Lucas make it a great movie: STAR WARS
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