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evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6 released

evasi0n just released the Jailbreak tool for iOS 6 on their official website. There must be a traffic jam soon. The mac version can be also downloaded here on dropbox or on google drive. Official mirrors are listed below: Server OS Link Linux SHA1: c9e4b15a161b89f0e412721f471c5f8559b6054f Mac OS X SHA1: 23f99a0d65e71fd79ff072b227f0ecb176f0ffa8 Windows SHA1: 2ff288e1798b4711020e9dd7f26480e57704d8b2 MEGA Linux […]

Auto Answer FaceTime Call

When FaceTime was introduced by Apple the first time, I was thinking, it can be a security cam if it supports auto answering. I accidentally got the solution today. Ok, may be it’s not new, but it’s a useful trick for me. Simply execute following command in Terminal: defaults write AutoAcceptInvites -bool YES defaults write […]

Change ColorSync Profile

ColorSync Profile for Dell U2410 on MacBook Pro

Dell U2410 is a great monitor in 24 inches, with vivid color, convenient UI. When using it with my Macbook Pro, I found it too bright and the default color setting is not so good. I adjusted the color in comparison of MacBook Pro’s own LCD. And here is the Dell U2410 ColorSync Profile for MacBook Pro. Follow […]

Disable window pop up animation in Mac OS X Lion

Fully agreed with some reviews of Mac OS X Lion that, pop up window animation is quite annoying. Luckily it also provides a way to disable it with Terminal. In Terminal, paste command below and press enter: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO UPDATE on Aug 13,2011: Try Lion Tweaks to make it more easier. […]

Mac OS X hotkey table for print

It’s so convenient to use Mac when making full use of hotkeys. I found the most used hotkeys list and made a table, which can be printed on 2 pages of A3 paper. It can be the quick reference for Mac newbies. Click images below to zoom and save.

iPhone OS 4

Functions that I'm interested in iPhone OS 4

Time 1:00am GMT+8. Apple reveal the iPhone OS 4 with many new features. So attractive cool ones are: Bluetooth keyboard. When being at home, typing with REAL keyboard is enjoyable. and my iPhone stand has the reason to take a place on the desk then. Multitasking! It makes a lot of features come true. And […]

Small changes in iTunes 9.1

Apple updated iTunes to 9.1 last night, said that added support for iPad. After upgrading, I did not find book store in iTunes Store. It should be released on the same day of releasing iPad on Apr. 3rd. There’s still interface change. Audio Book changed to Book.

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