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iPad, new hottest keyword in coming days

There’s no doubt that this new stuff will make it the hottest keyword in the coming days – iPad. Hey good name is’t it? While just changing a character of iPod, there’s no better one. No need to say too much about what it can do now – as so many rumors have been proven […]

Feeling web-based 3D graphics

After turning to Mac, in a sudden, I’m thinking why it’s so attractive to me? When there are a lot of reasons like OS X is more stable, virus free (though partly because of  market share is smaller than Windows) and so on, it’s much more important to me that OS X has a great […]

A few tips for Mac OS X

Q: When save Automator as a plug-in for Finder, where on the earth is it? A: Find it here “~/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder” Q: How can I get the full path of a file as soon as possible? A: Use AppleScript + Automator in this way. Or install the contextual menu plugin below. Q: I want more handy […]

Mac widget Currency Converter error

We are experiencing the most serious financial crisis since the Great Crash of 1929. So WHOSE fault, when $1 does not worth $1 any more? Okay, I’m sorry for bluffing. First, we might meet currency deflation not inflation, second, it’s all about a bug of Mac OS X build-in widget. After upgrading to OS X […]

Easy way to sync iCal with google calendar

You can add google account in iCal to sync the calendar. Previously you have to do that manually by a few copy and paste steps, really boring. Last night I found google had released a tool named Calaboration on December 9th last year, which is tiny but easy to use. Simply login with your google […]

Reason of Apple Mail starts automatically

Previously I met the problem that the Apple Mail application starts automatically. I tracked the history for a few days and now I find out the reason. Here under is my analyze: There was no sign that the Apple Mail run in a fixed frequency. The chance of virus is slim too. Because virus often […]

Mac OS X Mail application starts unexpectedly

Updates: Reason has been found here. The Mail app started itself unexpectedly just now (2009-02-08 at 1:15 am). I remember this is the second time in 24 hours. Generally, if any mail application starts, it means a email link has been clicked to trigger it, or something strange behind the scene is using it.  I did […]

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