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Unwanted ADs, get out of my place!

Have used Google Adsense for a few weeks. It was looking good in the beginning. Like what I said, sometimes you can find useful information in the ads. But recently, after adding Chinese version in the posts, more and more unwanted ads come out, including the no sense hospitals and so on, which are not […]

Easy way to sync iCal with google calendar

You can add google account in iCal to sync the calendar. Previously you have to do that manually by a few copy and paste steps, really boring. Last night I found google had released a tool named Calaboration on December 9th last year, which is tiny but easy to use. Simply login with your google […]

Reason of Apple Mail starts automatically

Previously I met the problem that the Apple Mail application starts automatically. I tracked the history for a few days and now I find out the reason. Here under is my analyze: There was no sign that the Apple Mail run in a fixed frequency. The chance of virus is slim too. Because virus often […]

Getting started with google adsense

Previously, I thought only internet rookies would click the ad in web pages. And I was even proud of identifying the ads from the real content. But one day when I was searching some information on web, I really found something useful in the ad provided by adsense. I could not help to click and […]

Gmail improves interface a little bit

Maybe in a few hours, gmail’s interface looks different. When I logged in one second ago, my eyes told me there’s something different: the Buttons. To recall the memory to compare, I have to google the old interface out: The buttons in new interface look more compact, beautiful. Not ugly grey buttons any more  (those […]

Google changed favorite icon again

Previously in May 2008, Google changed the favorite icon. Today I found that the icon has been changed again. New icon is white lower case “g” in colorful background combine by blue, red, green and yellow. I think all popular browsers are supporting tabs in same window. A unique icon could help user identify your […]

Small change in Gmail Contact

Just found that in Gmail address book, QQ was added in the IM option list. QQ is the most widely used IM in China. When ICQ was getting popular at the end of last centry, QQ, previous called QICQ, caught the chance in China. Compare to MSN, ICQ or other IMs, QQ has the local […]

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