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Scheduled job under Mac OS X

In OS X, use crontab to run a scheduled job via shell script. Open Terminal, input  to enter vi editor mode to edit jobs for root user. Then use to do some job (Here I killed myprocess) “*” means “first-last” The 5 “*” can be replaced with numbers to indicate scheduled time. 1st *: Minute […]

Auto Answer FaceTime Call

When FaceTime was introduced by Apple the first time, I was thinking, it can be a security cam if it supports auto answering. I accidentally got the solution today. Ok, may be it’s not new, but it’s a useful trick for me. Simply execute following command in Terminal: defaults write AutoAcceptInvites -bool YES defaults write […]

Change ColorSync Profile

ColorSync Profile for Dell U2410 on MacBook Pro

Dell U2410 is a great monitor in 24 inches, with vivid color, convenient UI. When using it with my Macbook Pro, I found it too bright and the default color setting is not so good. I adjusted the color in comparison of MacBook Pro’s own LCD. And here is the Dell U2410 ColorSync Profile for MacBook Pro. Follow […]

Disable window pop up animation in Mac OS X Lion

Fully agreed with some reviews of Mac OS X Lion that, pop up window animation is quite annoying. Luckily it also provides a way to disable it with Terminal. In Terminal, paste command below and press enter: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO UPDATE on Aug 13,2011: Try Lion Tweaks to make it more easier. […]

Mac OS X hotkey table for print

It’s so convenient to use Mac when making full use of hotkeys. I found the most used hotkeys list and made a table, which can be printed on 2 pages of A3 paper. It can be the quick reference for Mac newbies. Click images below to zoom and save.

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