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Auto scroll and capture the whole web page in Mac OS X

In Windows, HyperSnap could help auto scroll the window and capture the whole web page. The Mac OS X build-in software Grab can not do this. After googling, I found out this software Paparazzi! really helps. Update on 2012/12/21: Now use chrome extension: Screen Capture(by Google) can do the trick with Chrome.

Mac OS X:Delete strange file in trash

This file with strange file name has lived in my Trash for over a month. I finally get rid of it today. It’s caused by the FAT32 partition for Windows. I booted Windows and deleted the files in the hidden directory “C:\.Trash” and similar folders. Then the problem is solved.

I just know how the icons in Mac OS work. 1st, The resolution is higher than Windows, as high as 512×512; 2nd, there are several different size of images in the icon file (format: .icns). That’s why the icons look so nice, even when zooming. I just tried to make one by myself. I drew […]

Enable/Disable Trackpad on New MacBook

Update Aug 20th, 2011. In Lion, you can still find it in Universal Access -> Mouse & Trackpad. Just one more click on Trackpad Options… as below. Update Oct 7th, 2009. The option appears in Universal Access -> Mouse & Trackpad. I remember that I have checked here before 10.6, this must be new in […]

Yes, it’s comfortable, easy to use. When touching the keyboard, it feels so good! Comes with OS X Leopard and fully support of Windows, MacBook is definitely the very notebook for me. No wonder why P is strongly recommending it. VMware Fusion makes it so easy to access Windows in OS X, Boot Camp can […]

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