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Seaside road

62km, Zhuhai

Riding in Zhuhai was a nice experience. Especially just after upgrading my bike. Even though there’s no too much differences between 7 speed and 8 speed gear, it was feeling good. New chain and new wheels were running smoothly. The breaks could stop the bike in every urgent situation. No mention the convenient road specially […]

Reality and Illustration

In less than one second, I fell from the bike onto the ground, hard. It felt hot on my chin, must be broken. Palms, elbows, right knee was hit on the ground too, which felt hotter. Suddenly, the world’s color started to change, beyond the reality, it was like illustration. It was from periphery to […]

7hrs riding

Without a stop watch, I don’t know how far I have riden. From 1:30pm to 9:00pm, at altitude 3648M. Compare to 100M swimming at alatitude 4300M on Aug 11th, riding a bike is a easier job. At least I could take rest on it.

22.10km , 1:10:08 and etc.

Sunday morning, cloudy, windy, a bit cold. Started riding. This time, no destination. Free riding to the north. Key figures: 22.10km  I had a time limit and I wanted to ride as far as I could. 1:10:08  I went out at 9:15am. I thought I had 2hrs to ride. But I did not count the […]

The riding day

Planned to take a ride in very morning last night. But went to bed too late. Got up at 9:30am, I insisted on taking the ride today. After preparing for a while, I went out at 10:30. My bike is just equipped with two new tires. It was the time to see the efforts. (BTW, […]