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Tastes good. But could it be cheaper?

After swimming for an hour or two, I felt so hungry. I was wondering on the street of GZ. It was 9:30pm. Not too late, huh? But it was not the right time for dinner. That was why I was still wondering on the street. Thanks god that I was not too hungry to walk. Finally I went into a restaurant called ‘阿德鲍蚌粥’.  Here’s what i ate that night. There were several materials in it, including abalone, mussel, jujube, peel of orange and so on. Since the restaurant is name after this conjee, it should be delicious and yes it was. But RMB48 for ONE bowl? Jesus!


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  1. || T@ToON || responded:

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    Hello Sir…………..Hello Sir…………..Hello Sir…………..

  2. || T@ToON || responded:

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    Hello my name’s "TOON". I happy to u. U COOL ! . WoW. R u Japan or China ? But I from Thailand. I can speek a little English. But I can.—– U see ? See U ^_^

  3. Steven responded:

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    The pics are making me hungry! But I don’t want to spend that much. What do I do!!!

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