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These days (2)

Actually, I should change the title: Those days… Have not updated the blog for days. only memories there~

Why ____ again?

  1. Cucina (Guangzhou)
    I had been the Italianate restaurant for several times. What gave me great impression is this:

    Lovely, wonderful bread with olive oil and vinegar. I mention the bread in my blog for times.

    Each time I go to the same restaurant with my friends, I recommend the food I tried before. And I order a new one to try. For this time, it came with:
    I don’t like the one on the right much. Too creamy. Dont’ order it when you have had some other foods.
    As to the left one, the fried egg with salmon, you may find it nothing special unless dipping into the orange sauce around it. The taste is totally different.

    Finally, the dessert, try Tiramisu. You can answer the Why question in the beginning yourself after that.

  2. YINKEE (Hongkong)
    First time here was with my boss. I wondered when I counld be be here again. ‘coz I don’t go to HK often. A few month later, I got the chance.

    Most impressive:

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