Joe's Quest

ThinkPad, ThinkPal

I got my first laptop. Brand new ThinkPad T61p which is now present by Lenovo. It’s black, it’s cool and I like it very much. I also bought some accessories to protect it such as a softbag, screen protect film, keyboard protect film, external portable laptop cooler. A bluetooth mouse was applied too, easy to carry and use. With buildin bluetooth interface, it can save me one extra USB port.

The system installation is lonnng night. And I learnt that SP3 and other XP patch are not so compatible with a lot of software, even the preloaded software. For I updated windows right after installed the system. But so many alert message box pop up when shuting down the system, the dwwin thing, so annoying. I am even thinking of install the system again… sigh, new computer, always likes this.

Anyway, I still enjoy it, the classic design and powerful performance. With some fine tune, ThinkPad will be my ThinkPal.

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