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Tomb Raider - Legend

Lara Croft herself is a legend. No matter whether she was real person in history or not. She has created the histroy. So many PC/TV gamers get crazy for her. I wrote one piece of blog on May 18th, last year. I was waiting for the game. And now it comes out. I just finished it last night. It’s fantabulous. Even my video card bought 2 years ago gave me a wonderful vision. It’s very pity that I can not turn on the special effort called "Next Generation Content". It is said that much more beautiful vision it could made after using it. Someday I’ll buy a XBOX360 for it I think.

From the Tomb Raider I to VII, Lara becomes more and more vivid. I though I might not like the new figure of her in the snapshot last year. ‘coz a new studio had taken charge of the project. They might change the details of design. But now when I start to play, I happily find that I was wrong.

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  1. Sweety responded:

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    Em… Game… Game!!!
    Game will be the coolest area in the furture.
    Here’s a film called "Silent Hills", was made upon the Game of  "生化危机2002"&"生化危机启示录" .
    The addr. for seeing the Film Spots of "Silent Hill" is: (for fee!)
    Try on, not bad!

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