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Voice of customers

It is often said the customers’ opinion is always important to us. But today I suddenly find out that I have not taken care of it for such a long time. The founder of Air Asia, Tony Fernandes said that he takes almost every minute to check the emails from customers, they are free market research.

I don’t remember when is the last time I reply customers’ inquiries. I have the excuse that I had a lot of other work to do, or I was not appointed to this work. But in another hand, I should at least keep an eye on this. Knowing little about the customers make me blind. That’s not the correct attitude to run a business. I’d regret for that.

From the customers feedback, a lot of interesting views can be discovered too. For example someone sent a mail said the recording function is confined. Combining the resources of listening material could extend the market. He even wrote several advertisement for his plan. I think he may have a point. Think in this way, recording is also UCC, and so far, it seems that no company apply it to portable devices. As everybody can see, the Youtube like website is everywhere now. iPod Touch can play the video online. But it needs wireless connection. I think a lot of people would like to store the content in there devices. Podcast is one way of it. I’m kind of like using it now. However, only online radio is not enough. A downloadable version could meet many people’s needs. Tudou is already doing this. There’s no cooperation mode yet. There should be some since there’s connection between the UCC provider and portable player. Could take a try.

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