Joe's Quest

Walking alone - Wuzhen

I know this old town from the novel of great writer Luxun when I was young. "Some day I may be there, sitting in the black-top boat, find the way to the drama stage", I thought. And now, without a plan, I’m suddenly here, like in a dream. Although the reality somewhat differs from the dream, the dream comes true.


I arrived in the town at 6:00pm. It was getting dark. I lived in a native house. It IS old, just like the old house I used to live when I was a child.

    After settling down, I sit on a bridge, watched the river, the old houses, the light. some people over there were having dinner.
I got up early the next morning, at about 5:00am. It was dark and I couldn’t take a clear photo. This photo on the left was taken at about 6:00am.

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